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Welcome, Anjanette Delgado and her debut novel...The Heartbreak Pill!

The BIG day is chance to feature author Anjanette Delgado and her debut novel,
The Heartbreak Pill.

Author's Bio:
Anjanette Delgado is a writer and television producer living in Miami.
She began her career as a journalist, working for NBC, CNN, Univisión and Telemundo, covering presidential coups, elections, Olympics, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, both Iraq wars; which she executive produced, and won an Emmy in 1994 for her human-interest series “Madres en la lejanía,” about the plight of Latino mothers who leave their own children behind and come to the United States to work as undocumented nannies.

She has written for Urban Latino, TV Más and the International Documentary Association magazine, written and produced lifestyle programs and documentaries for MGM Latin America and in 2002, wrote and developed the sitcom “Great in Bed” for HBO Latin America.

The Heartbreak Pill is her first novel and was published by Simon & Schuster in 2008 and won that year’s International Latino Book Award for Best Romance Novel in English. The novel’s Spanish-Language version, La Pildora del Mal Amor, is just out, also from Simon and Schuster. Anjanette is currently at work on her second novel, titled, The Clairvoyant of Calle Ocho.

From HCN Website:
Anjanette, a Puerto Rico native, has applied her expertise to creating community-driven and empowering broadcast, print and event-based efforts for Latinos in the US. Prior to joining Grupo Prisa’s Plural Entertainment as Director of Strategic Content, Anjanette created, launched and implemented the social content and strategic marketing department of Community Connections at Telemundo, winning the first ever Sentinel for Health Awards ever given to a Spanish-language network or station for her campaigns on Breast Cancer and Diabetes. Anjanette has now added one more communications challenge to her breadth of experience by publishing her first novel.

Please sit back and enjoy the following as The Sol Within Anna welcomes accomplished Latina and now novelist, Anjanette Delgado. Don't forget to leave a comment or question for Anjanette Delgado as she will be available to reply to the readers. Sign up to be a follower of The Sol Within, leave a comment and your name will be entered into a drawing where one lucky follower will win an autographed copy of The Heartbreak Pill. Good luck!

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Anna: What made you choose The Heartbreak Pill as your debut novel? Was this a story that had been residing within your soul for a long time?

Anjanette: Yes… there was no other story I wanted to tell. It seemed to me that no one really understood “what becomes of the broken-hearted.” How this sense of loss can take your life over like the flu.

Anna: I have always been advised to "write what you know", what part of your novel, The Heartbreak Pill, would that advice hold true for you- what were the personal aspects which enabled you to write about what you know?

Anjanette: Well, I wrote about heartbreak, divorce and Miami… all things I know very well.
But I also wrote about what I didn’t know at the time: science, drugs, the brain, forgiveness.

Anna: What do you think about the label "Chica Lit.", as a Latina author are you offended by it or do you embrace it?

Anjanette: Well, first, a little history. The original term… Chick-Lit is really a post-feminist term to describe contemporary women’s fiction that dealt with women’s issues with self-deprecating humor. It came about because our roles as women were changing so much… that we needed that friend (character) to let us know it was okay to consider divorce if things had become unbearable… that we weren’t the only ones being cheated on, etc.

So, in that sense, I embrace it; have no problem with it.

The problem is when people start calling anything with high heels, a lipstick or a fancy pocketbook in the cover, Chick-Lit. Especially, if a lot of books with the same formula start coming out and receiving that label. You know… girl has awful boss and boyfriend who won’t commit… but then she triumphs and is promoted to book or magazine editor and begins to date the director of photography who happens to be hot and has been interested in her forever. See, well, that’s where I have a problem.

I’m not sure that Chica-Lit as a term was born of an understanding of the post-feminist history of the concept, as opposed to a great way to market a conference... or a section inside a bookstore.

One of the blurbs in my book is from a Columbia University professor who called it Latino Pop Fiction… which I think fits my novel well, too. In the end, I don’t get upset about this or that term… I just try to write something that women like me will be comforted and entertained by, something that makes them think and consider the choices my characters make as they relate to their own lives.

Anna: Of all of your hard work and many accomplishments with CNN, NBC, Telemundo, HBO, MGM Latin America, and the UN, just to name a few, as well as your own personal triumphs, how did all of that compare to the moment when you held your completed and published novel in your hands for the first time? Where were you?

Anjanette: You know… I felt nothing? Publishing day arrives… April 1st… nothing. Then about 6 weeks later, I get an email from a woman I didn’t know at all. She had tracked me down (my website wasn’t up back then) to tell me she had cried and laughed and felt like she knew me after reading my book. That’s the day I felt like an author… like all had been worth it. I have gotten other such emails. I save them all. Reread them all the time. I thought about my readers before they existed. I loved them, writing one more page, in case they ever read it. And now, it’s an amazing feeling when I get to meet them, connect, know that I reached them after all.

Anna: Over the past six months I have met some wonderful women aspiring to become published writers; some single, married, divorced, some mothers, some know, all too well, the heartbreak and betrayal you write about your character, Erika Luna, enduring. As these women try to enter a new world in search of becoming published authors, what words of inspiration can you share with them?

Anjanette: SIT. YOUR. BUTT. DOWN….and do not get up until you’ve written 3 pages (if it’s every day) or 10 pages (if you can only afford to write on Sundays.

That’s it… write. Read. Write. Read. Think of your reader, not of yourself. Enjoy your book before it’s born. It will happen. Write. Read.

Anna: I read on your website that your favorite quote is "When you're going through hell, keep going," by Winston Churchill. What meaning or impact has this quote had in your life?

Anjanette: It’s another way to say hope. If you stay still when you’re in hell, you’ll never get out. If you trust, and you keep going, there’s hope that things will be better. But you’ve got to keep going. I remind myself of this all the time.

Ms. Anjanette Delgado, I greatly appreciate your time with me and for making The Sol Within a stop on your Virtual Blog Tour. I wish you all the best with your debut novel, The Heartbreak Pill.

~Anna Rodriguez

Thank you Anna. I wish all bloggers/journalists/writers took the time to do their homework as you have. I loved your questions and am honored to be featured on your site.

Un abrazo ,

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I must give a tremendous "Thank You" to author and Editor, Jo Ann Hernandez of Bronzeword Latino for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event, the Latino Virtual Book Tour, and for introducing me to such a wonderful Latina author and person...Anjanette Delgado!

Wishing you dreams to fulfill and the inspiration needed to do so!

~the sol within~

ISBN: 1-7432-9753-9


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  2. Wonderful interview! All this talk about chick lit is fascinating. People always like to label things, don't they?

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  3. Thank you, Jo Ann. And, thanks for reminding entrants to leave me their email, I was so excited about the interview that I forgot that little detail! ;)

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