Thursday, August 20, 2009

She wore what?! & The week that was!

I had high hopes for this week...

My family and I have been going through some big changes recently- some of them we have looked forward to for years. The anticipation was building and it all started rather uneventfully, but still was going well. So thankful for that. Suddenly, I felt in need of some immediate inspiration. My words weren't flowing as easily as they have and I struggled with what I needed to do to complete some of my projects.

Note: I am a quiet person and often people have taken me to be unfriendly because I am so quiet. I'd rather write than mingle and that has sometimes been a downfall of mine.

That said, it really sucks when I reach out to someone that I admire professionally and they basically ignore my existence! I am not asking to be BFFs or even to K.I.T. I firmly believe in helping others out. Maybe because I believe in Karma! I get that some don't...maybe out of jealousy, their own misguided confusion, or just plain ol' meanness. Whatever it is...well, it is just too bad- for them! Whenever this happens to others I often think of the wonderful George Lopez and his unfortunate incident with Eric Estrada...unfotunate for Eric Estrada because George Lopez brings up the offense every chance he gets! Payback's a...!

My great week had started to take on a bummer feel! Things were fine, but I couldn't break out of my lack of inspiration and tremendously disappointed attitude. No, the person that I had contacted couldn't have helped me with my writing or getting anything published because that is my journey, but what hurt was the lack of human decency! I think that's what gets me most is that people, Latinos/as, women have the opportunity to celebrate one another and yet, they opt not to. I don't get it! For a while this week I thought it was just me, but then, yesterday my literary guardian angel came to the rescue and shared some insight. She, too, feels that we should praise one another and help eachother as often as we can.

I realized that the "un-helpful one" was not what was really bothering me anyway. I had some other things going on cluttering my mind and couldn't find my way back to writing! Oh, woe was me...blah...blah...blah...was the sentiment for each day this week. I tried hard to get my inspiration back, but was forcing the process too much. Nothing was coming from my soul within anymore!

Today I awoke feeling a bit more at ease about things and decided to take a step back from the feverish writing projects. I hung out with a very special little person in my life. We played, read books, and just talked about so many things. I finally had a moment when I needed to write and send a very important email and in that time this hilarious little creature put things into perspective for me!

While I was at the computer the "kid" decided to put on her swimsuit, rain coat, and rain boots. (See portrait above.) I laughed so hard at the image and asked, "Why are you wearing all that?". "Why not? Am I not supposed to?" she asked. Supposed to...hmmm.

I got caught up in worry about what I was lacking because I was supposed to write and not allow anything to trip me up! I was supposed to enjoy this week with my family and welcome the changes with imaginary mariachis practically blaring in celebration! I was supposed to encounter only graciously accepting people as I would hope to treat others when I become more established.

The "little wise one" continued to dance around and play. "You can wear what you want, but I just wonder why you changed?" I tried once more.

"I'm wearing my favorite clothes because I want to! And, you write because you want to!"

Yes, this tyke made me see that my inspiration has been right under my nose. This is the reason why I write children's books and am following my passion to write...because I want to!

As I wrap up this post the "small fashionista" has stolen the swim cap of the older sibling-who is in the shower- and is running around in a tunic dress, leggings, and Speedo swim cap! I just love the confident and free-spirited souls who know what they want and do it when they feel the inspiration!

May all of you who have been in a creative slump find some inspiration right under your nose! And, may we always have the confidence to wear a swimsuit, rain coat, and rain boots all at once...just because we might want to!

Wishing you all dreams to fulfill and the inspiration needed to do so!

Give it a listen...
The music that inspired this post: Tenderness by General Public; Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects; You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones; All These Things That I've Done by The Killers; A Little Respect by Erasure; Express Yourself by NWA; Everybody Is A Star by Sly and the Family Stone; Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone; People Are People by Depeche Mode; Bad Day by Daniel Powter.


  1. Oh, that made me giggle! Little ones have such insight and you're right, we have it too. Maybe, like you say, we just look too hard for what we're "supposed" to be doing to be happy! Thanks for the insight!

  2. Who made the illustration? It's wonderful!

  3. Thank you. The illustrations are done by my eldest kiddo! Very talented artist who won a National art contest a few years back sponsored by AAA and is currently writing & illustrating a children's book.