Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ch-ch-changes...and to all the creative people who've inspired my recent hope...

I am not even sure where or how to begin this first post. All that comes to mind is THANK YOU! I am a momma who has held the dream of becoming a published author within my soul since I was in the second grade. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, reading, and reading some more about the subject and the process of becoming published. There seems to be equally encouraging and discouraging information out there. I would get excited and then...disheartened! I tried to live life being the good, loyal wife and best, supportive mother I could be. I was always involved to the fullest, practically volunteering all of my waking hours away at my child's school. Throughout some of that time I worked, assistant in an afterschool program. Then, I studied my evenings away at school in hopes of subduing my yearning for a writing career..."okay," I thought to myself. "I'll finally listen to everyone else who said I should be a teacher." Needless to say, I loved English classes and found my writing flourishing yet again. I tried to stay focused on the teaching career, while I renewed my subscriptions to the writer's magazines. Graduation finally came and I found myself in one of the most wonderful jobs I've ever had...teaching the most precious students! I was an instructional support teacher for the children of migrant farm workers!

Before I knew it, my empty journals were starting to fill up. Everyday I was discovering a new world through the eyes of my new little students.

My husband and I were incredibly blessed to have another addition to our family and I became a stay-at-home momma...again! I enjoyed discovering the newest little person in our family. What a riot! Sarcastic wit like her momma! My family is my ultimate inspiration for what I do and all that I strive for, but what I am writing about here is different than that. This new found attitude has been encouraged by some great people- most of whom I have yet to meet. It has been their work and blogs that have inspired me as a wife, mom, and individual to truly seek my dream!

Have any of you ever wondered if what you were doing was the right thing/path? You wished for a sign. I used to wish for that all the time, but the signs didn't seem to come. Actually, in retrospect the signs were there in the form of struggle or even the lack of having the positive support for my endeavor might've been a sign that I couldn't see until now. I have read so much over the past year and a half and listened to countless lectures about following your true path in life. When you do, the doors open up like never before.

A few weeks ago I received an assignment to write an article. I will let you all know when the article is published. I am thrilled to have the opportunity! My husband and children cheered for me, understanding what this means to me. My kids have seen me fill my journals, but stop short of taking the steps to see my work published. They read some of my work over and over and ask for them as bedtime stories.

The following day I went to a textbook store to purchase the books that one of my kids needed for school. After looking online I knew that we would be eating a lot of tortillas, bean, and papita burritos for some time to pay for the books, but it was a necessary purchase. Much to my surprise, the owner did something completely astonishing and extraordinary for my family. She knew my mother and therefore, did it as a "Thank You" for all that my mom did for her child, but I had never met this woman before that moment and now she was doing this wonderful thing for my child and our family! She has no idea the blessing she gave us, but I have prayed for her and her family every day since. I am tired of hearing the negativity in this world. I used to live the negative life. I guess you could say that what I am doing here is paying it forward to all those who have meant something to me and motivated me to embark on this journey!

Nicole- I have known for years in a professional manner because she is my Dentist's dental hygienist. She has recently become a friend. She has been a great listener and understanding comfort with some less than ideal situations we have encountered. She has shown her generous spirit many times, but most recently by sharing her very own garden vegetables with my family. Food that nourished the soul and bodies when my kids suffered a lingering cold and fever a few weeks back! Feed my family as you'd feed your own and I will never forget your kindness! Thank you!

Carolyn- I have been reading her blogs over the past several months and have enjoyed hearing what she encounters as a crafter, wife, and mother. I am inspired by her work and her passion that comes through each painting. In an artistic, creative world people write, sing, paint, draw, sculpt from the soul. Sometimes you don't get the praise or reaction you thought you would when you created what you deemed to be your best work to date. Ultimately, I have learned through Carolyn that you must love what you do to put your work out on display- even when, sadly, a vocal critic doesn't quite get it! Thanks for your honesty and inspiration, Carolyn!

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez Author- I have been so incredibly inspired by Alisa's work. I have followed her blog for years! I love her books. I was so intrigued by seeing her on the Today Show when the Dirty Girls Social Club book debuted that I immediately looked her up. I was graduating from college at that time, trying to focus on the teaching, but the universe presented this incredible Latina author in front of me. My parents knew of my interest in her and gave me the Dirty Girls Social Club as a grad gift! I read every ounce of that book and was in awe that a book centered around Latinas could hit the mainstream media. It inspired me to hold onto my dream of writing what I life as an American Latina! Thank you, Alisa, for fighting the fight-always- for what you believe in and the courage to continue to be the strength you are for your fans and especially for your son!

Gwendolyn Zepeda Author- I came across some titles by Gwen and discovered her blog and many books. She writes novels as well as children's books just as I have been working on. She has given me hope that accomplishing both can be done- and done well! She has been published by the same publishing house I first began my research on many, many years ago. Gwen is an involved parent of boys who loves her family time and enjoys going out to dinner with her husband. In the midst of it all, she writes a witty blog -that I have come to look forward to reading - and recently married her true love. Her blog about her honeymoon adventures had me laughing and crying! Thanks for the honest and real way in which you reach out to your readers, Gwendolyn! You have inspired me as a writer, wife, and mom!

Maya Murillo Maya in the Moment-Maya is the daughter of some very talented parents and is quite entertaining and talented in her own right! She is a refreshing break for me when I am working feverishly at the computer and someone I know my kids- from my high schooler down to my toddler- always enjoy watching or reading her posts! She gives me inspiration that kids can grow up and still be really good, loving, productive citizens along the way! You are awesome, Maya!

Kathy Cano-Murillo Crafty Chica- I heard through the grapevine that I had missed the Crafty Chica when she visited a nearby Michael's store last August. I looked her up and instantly fell in love with her blog! She is honest, kind, and inspiring...EVERYDAY! She is one of the very few bloggers who posts daily and I look forward to it. It's how I begin my day. Her work is artsy and original and full of sparkly glitter! Immediately, I felt as though I knew her and her family. When she began sharing her desires to write fiction I knew that there was a reason I had begun following her daily out of the clear blue. She has been a vessel for me to learn about the world of craft faires, publishing, working so hard for the sake of your family and your passion, and the love that only a family can evoke! Kathy's daily inspiration to others has really been the urge that has prompted me to see my world in a new way and accept the challenge within me to become the writer I want to be! Thanks, Kathy, for the wonderful things you write, create, and bring into this world!

Nilki Benitez musings- Nilki is a blogger and aspiring writer as well. She and I have recently gotten the chance to chat and it feels as though she has been the girl-friend I have been waiting to meet my whole life! She is supportive and excited about what the future holds for both of us in terms of our writing careers! We share our hopes, dreams, project ideas, crazy random thoughts and fears, and how chasing our writing dreams affects the loves in our lives...our husbands and children! She is inspirational and her words have fed my soul! Nilki, thank you, for the support. I know one day I will be the Louise to your Thelma or we can tour the country as the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pens!

What I have just written here is about the women that have touched this soul within me through their good work! Thanks to all of these wonderful ladies for what they do...following their dreams and being good people!
Ladies, you are all awesome!

Wishing you all dreams to fulfill and the inspiration needed to do so!

~Anna Rodriguez

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." Albert Camus


  1. I love you, Anna!! What a beautiful post! I very much cherish our friendship and can only imagine, with delight, where it will lead us in the future! Your kindness and passion will lead you to success without a doubt!

  2. I love you, Anna! What a beautiful post! I cherish our young friendship and look forward, with delight, to seeing the places it will take us! Your integrity, kindness, and passion will lead you to certain success! I feel blessed to have found you on this giant, spinning sphere we call home!

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  4. Hello Anna, thank you for your kind words! This really blew me away to know that my work inspires you. Sometimes I think no one is even reading my blog. So your post REALLY means a lot to me. Your post is very inspirational to me! Thank you so much! If your on FB look me up!